Sustainable Tourism plan works.

Sustainable Tourism plan works.

Big lion safaris involves communities in the tourism activities and opportunities in order to bring about local sustainability.
When you undertake a game drive, boat cruise, hikes, Gorilla treking, Chimpanzee treking or visit a local community, you are directly contributing to a more sustainable future for Africa.

When you choose Biglion safaris to be your tour operator, you will have directly supported the rural areas of Africa. The tourism industry supports over 20 million rural people in Africa. This eventually improves the type of your Safari and also leads to improved local economies of Africa. 


Big lion Safaris and the local community.

Biglion safaris hires local guides in some of the sites visited, and the hotels and lodges we deal with hire locals, so you directly support the regions visited thus boosting the economies. We encourage traditional dances at the lodges, we organise local visits to women groups, and also encourage you to buy locally made crafts. In the end you directly impact the local economies.

 Local guides are vital, they will make your trip. Not only are indigenous guides knowledgeable about the biodiversity of the flora and fauna, they’re also a brilliant resource for you to learn about the culture in your host destination.

Big lion Safaris deals directly with Ruhuja community project in Bwindi impenetrable National Park.
Ruhija Community Project is a sustainable development initiative to bridge the gap between tourism, education and agriculture.In this tourism area they offer various elements in rural education, "livelihood level" organic agriculture, healthcare maintenance, diagnosis, treatment and prevention at the village level, as well as micro-financing and entrepreneurial grants in tourism, renewable energy, and more. 
Ruhija Community Project is a Non-profit organization dedicated to supporting education and sustainable community development through Agriculture in Ruhija tourism sector. We contributes some of our proceeds to this community in order to support local programs in education and literacy, shoe making, organic agriculture and indigenous forestry, cross-cultural exchange, and more.
All programs conducted by Ruhija Community Project are based upon advancing development sustainably in the local community. If you have any questions or comments, or are interested in getting involved or sponsoring the education of local children at either the primary or secondary level, please contact Biglion safaris and we get you close to this project.

Protect Africa’s wildlife

Africa is known for its spectacular views and astonishing landscapes. Africa also plays host to an array of the world’s most spectacular wildlife.
Such splendor highlights the role of conservation and its inextricable links with the tourism industry.
Biglion Safaris subscribes to  organisations like Nature Uganda which plays a vital role in reducing human-wildlife conflicts and supporting the growth of sustainably-minded local enterprises.
Honeyguide in Tanzania recognizes that “economic benefits for communities are central to successful conservation models” and that catalyzing entrepreneurship in tourism-dependent regions enhances a more connected tourist experience, as well as more engaged community members that advocate for environmental protection. Monetary and educational kick-backs from safaris encourage the protection and deep appreciation for these unique and fragile ecosystems.
Progressive tourism-driven organizations like Rhino fund Uganda  leverage the power of safaris to enact their innovative rhino  protection programs and support industry-leading anti-poaching initiatives.
Choosing to go on safari with Biglion safaris means that you are choosing to protect key species like rhinoceros which are one of the endangered species in the world.
Every time that you support initiatives like these, you invest in a brighter future for Africa’s wildlife. Going on safari with Big Lion Safaris means that you can tick a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity off your bucket list and feel good doing it.
Join us in the fight against poarching and join us to create sustainable tourism in Africa.



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